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Custom Car Logo Lights

LED Car Lights-Why CarLEDLogo?

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Custom Car Door Lights – How do they work?

You may have seen many similar products on the market, most of which require wires (used for power sockets), drill holes for installation, and products specifically suitable for different car models.

Our Custom Car Door Lights (also known as Custom Puddle Lights, Custom Door Projector Lights or Custom Ghost Shadow Lights) are suitable for EVERY car model out there, require NO POWER OUTLETS or  CABLES (wireless and battery powered).

A sneak peak into how our car door projector lights (puddle lights, ghost shadow lights, whichever you prefer calling them ) work!

Car Door Lights Installation

Car door lights also called car door projector lights or car door ghost lights. When you open the door, the car logo will show on the ground. When you close the door, the door projector lights will die out. Below are some simple steps to show you how to install the LED car door projector:

1. Open the box

2. Check the products (car door projector +3M tap+Magnetic strip)

3. Choose the door which you want to install.

4.Peel the 3M tap and then stick it on the back of light housing

5.Stick the projector light housing on the inner door panel

6.Clean the car door step to remove the dirt

7. Put a magnetic strip on the inner door sill.

Installation is done! Do not forget to change the batteries regularly.

LED Custom Door Lights

-Customize your own logo  

-Suitable for all vehicles

-Easy for installation 

-High Definition Logo

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