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LED atmosphere lights

10 Automotive LED atmosphere lights applications


Automotive LED atmosphere lights have now become a point that major OEMs are paying more and more attention to. It is not only a decoration to create the atmosphere in the car, but also a major manifestation of the recognition of major brands.


The effect of car ambient light is usually at night to better show its dazzling and colorful charm, but, in any case, safety is the first element, and the color and position of the ambient light must not affect normal safe driving. So where does the ambient light generally exist in the car? Let’s take a look together.


Interior atmosphere lights

When driving at night, if there are soft and comfortable lights inside the body, or the lights are rhythmic with the driving conditions, it will definitely improve the driving experience and remind the driver to pay attention to driving safety.


1, Dashboard atmosphere light

Interior Air conditioning Turbine outlet LED Lights air vent ambient lights atmosphere lamp for benz E.jpg q50 副本

2, Center console atmosphere light

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3, Ceiling atmosphere light

The car roof can be said to be the most empty place inside the car, this place can make the whole car feel the unique atmosphere light. The typical representative is the BMW Star Sky Roof.

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4, Door guard plate atmosphere light

The door guard panel ambient light can make the door panel function appear in the dark as a whole


5, Door armrest atmosphere light

Door armrest lights allow passengers to directly hold the armrests at night. These lighting accessories dimly add a glow to the atmosphere by adding a tangent of cool hues inside which sets the mood right for a long drive.


6, LED Cup Holder Light

With the LED cup holder atmosphere lights,  you can easily find your water cups and other objects in the dark night. They look very cool with 7 colors changing function. It has a dustproof and waterproof surface, so you do not worry about the wear out. Some sellers also provide a custom logo service, that you can design the logo by yourself.

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7, Footlight

The lighting of the foot lamp can prevent injury from stepping on the vehicle when getting on car.

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Exterior atmosphere lights


Of course, not only are there ambient lights inside the body but there is also a huge space for play outside the car.


8, LED Door Sill

Whenever you or your passengers open the door, you can see the luminous LOGO, and the flowing or slow flashing light effect makes an impression. The sturdy acrylic material makes it a good protection for your original door sill and is easy to clean.

Customized LOGO LED Door Sill for SAAB Car Accessories Threshold Pedal Door Sills Operated by Battery 副本

9, LED Car Door Projector

Whenever the car door is opened, a beam of light shines out, with a signature pattern, which can also play a role in lighting at night. Totally with 3 types you can choose, magnet type, original OEM type, and drilling type. Some cars don’t have the original door lights, you can only choose the lights with a magnet or drill the hole by yourself to install them on your car door panel.


10, Underbody Light

When parking at night, the undercarriage lights can light up both cars, forming a unique personality. On ordinary days, drive your car and turn on the music, the underbody light flow and flash with the rhythm of the beating. Step on the accelerator, the passionate music, and colorful car chassis lights will quickly leave a bright impression on passersby. Such a personalized car upgrade will absolutely give you an extraordinary experience.


The application of atmosphere lights in the car has a huge space for use. In addition to decoration and upgrading, it can also be used as an auxiliary light to provide assistance and safety enhancement functions during the ride.


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