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Cool BMW Interior Lights Modification

3 Super Cool BMW Interior Lights Modification

Want to enhance the appearance of your BMW through some quality products, then give this article a good read.BMW interior lights modification is one of the best ways to add an aesthetic to your vehicle. Here is a list of some best products that can help you modification process. 

BMW Door Light

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BMW interior door lights are made to give users a premium and classy feel whenever they open the door of their vehicle. You will see the beautifully illuminated logo of BMW while opening the door. Besides making you feel premium, these lights are designed to light the way you help in safely entering and exiting the car. 

Additionally, these door lights are easy to install as you don’t have to use any tools on your vehicle. Don’t you think it’s a great customizable idea? Well, let’s have a look at some cool features of BMW door lights. 

Cool Features Of Door Light

Flame Retardant Shell

These LED door lights are equipped with a flame-retardant shell. This means they are heat resistant. So the higher temperature is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, they are waterproof and the best product for uncertain weather. 

Intelligent Chip

As we mentioned earlier, these BMW interior lights are easy to install. They do not require any decoding for operation. With the help of efficient control, they can control the temperature. 

Low Power Consumption

The BMW car lights use high-power LED chips to facilitate high projection which can consume high power. Yet the product is specialized development

for cars, it is set to consume low power while offering you excellent performance. 

BMW Cup Holder Lights

BMW Cup Holder Lights

The next on our list is BMW LED cup holder lights. If you just want to go out of your way to customize your BMW then this is the thing. These illuminated cup holders are designed to add some more aesthetic environment to your car. With the help of various available colors, you can make the thing look more pretty and eye-catching. 

Similar to door lights, they are easy and quick to install. You simply need to long press or turn on or dim the lights. On the other hand, it allows you to get the most comfortable interior by choosing any of your favorite colors to lit up the ambiance. 

Here are some of its features for better understanding: 

Cool Features Of Cup Holder Lights: 

Variety Of Colors

These cup holders light comes with the most amazing yet bright colors. If you’re looking for a product with variety, then these BMW cup holder lights are the most amazing ones to have in your car. They offer seven bright colors that are white, yellow, blue, red, purple, ice blue, and green to choose from according to your aesthetic. 

Easy To Charge

These lights come with a USB charging point which means you can easily charge them in your car. Also, they can be charged for an hour or r half to give you reliable backup. 

Size And Protection

These lights are so sturdy and aesthetic to carry around. They are about 2.5 inches. Moreover, these interior lights come with a protective layer to offer you the best of the material. 

What Comes In The Package

The package includes 2X LED lights and 1X USB cable. 

Let’s move on to our last but not least product to steal the show: 

BMW LED Door Sill 

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The last most starling product is BMW LED Door Sill Lights. If you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your BMW then these lights should be added to your list. These are the flat magnetic lights that do not even need tape or tools for installation. 

Additionally, besides illuminating your vehicle, these LED lights work as a guard or protection layer to avoid scuffs or scratches on the guard. Let’s have a look at its amazing features. 

Cool Features BMW LED Door Sill Light: 

Illuminating Variety Of Colors

Same as cup holder lights, these door lights come in a variety of colors. You can choose any of them according to your interior aesthetic. 

Different Modes

These door lights come in a variety of colors and offer you various modes. Mostly it has 3 to 4 modes you can choose according to your liking. These modes follow different patterns of flickering so it gives you flexibility in choosing according to your vibe.

Stunning Look

The door sill lights allow you to get the perfect look at your vehicle. When you open the door, lightly lit up by projecting the logo of your car. These lights close automatically as the door closes. Besides providing an elegant look, it also helps in getting in and out of the car in dark areas. 

Wireless installation

If you’re looking for a hassle-free application then this could be the best thing to have among the wireless LED lights . These lights come with a magnetic strip that attaches to the car’s body without the need for any wire or tool. Don’t you think it is a must-get product? 

So, these were some top LED modification ideas for your BMW. Let’s jump right on to Frequently asked questions to have some insight into what users are facing confusion in: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do we need to tell the specific measurements while ordering LED door sill lights?

Yes, measurements are essential to order a door sill light. Most of the vehicles have a slight difference in structure and you may need the exact light stripe. 

Do the car door logo lights overheat while excessive use?

No, these lights are upgraded with the newest grid cooling design that prevents overheating and aids in prolonging life. 

Do these LED lights consume excessive power?

Well, some of them might consume high power but all the products mentioned here are set to consume low power while offering excellent performance.


Lastly, LED modification is the best way to enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle. There are various ways and products for BMW interior lights LED modification. We’ve mentioned some of the best products that can help you take a decision. 

Do let us know your thoughts about these products. 



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