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LED Interior Car Lights Trends from 2022


As the quality of cars produced by automobile manufacturers in various countries becomes smaller and smaller, JDPower’s product survey results show that “quality is no longer the main difference in car manufacturing, and car interior lights have become a key factor affecting consumers’ car purchases.” As a part of interior decoration, interior car lights have attracted more and more attention. Passengers hope to get soothing indoor lighting in the car, and the functional ambient lighting system can meet the various sensory needs of passengers in different environments.


As early as at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, the Yanfeng concept car model ID16 (Innovation Demonstrator 2016) demonstrated an innovative atmosphere light design: LED lighting that spans the dashboard and smoothly extends to the side of the door to enhance the surrounding sense of ambient light. Create a unique car interior experience.


ID16 is equipped with a central storage compartment that can be individually set and changeable in the auxiliary dashboard area. It is reported that this multi-functional storage space solution optimizes the existing storage space, reduces the complexity of components, and is ergonomically operable. From the color functional LED ambient lighting system, the instrument panel with sophisticated leather lining technology, and the functional heating armrest fabric, to the backlit fabric pattern or the personalized door interior lining of perforated leather.


The ID16 The series of innovative technologies shown on the show enhanced the user experience, improved the perception of the occupants, and intuitively demonstrated the huge potential in meeting the requirements of personalization and differentiation of the interior space of the vehicle.

WeChat Image 20210624142454
Different interior feelings and sensory experiences during day and night, the left side is the day and the right side is the night


Based on the latest consumer preference surveys and design trends, complex curved surfaces and innovative interior ambient lights are more popular. The custom lighting effect is suitable for any color and shape of the parts, which can directly illuminate the texture of the fabric or be used as the backlight of the leather surface. Combine new lighting technology with unique patterns and different fabrics to achieve large-area lighting and maximum design freedom to create a unique atmosphere.


Han Hendriks, vice president of front-end product development and sales of Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, said, “Our goal is to provide unique interior car lights designs, even for basic vehicle categories that use effective light guide lighting.” He said, “Good design is not Should be limited to the size of the car, we want to provide high-quality comfort in the small and medium-sized car segment.


The Cielo Magic Light technology of PSA Peugeot Citroën (symbol Citroën) makes the light in the car uniform by reflection. The light source comes from the top of the skylight and is woven into a fabric made of optical fibers. It gives the impression of a real light source, creating a comfortable and diffuse lighting effect. The same can be seen.


Fabrics woven from optical fibers play a dual role. During the day, the fiber weakens the outdoor sunlight to form a soft light source; at night, it emits light and provides ambient lighting.

WeChat Image 20210624142658
Textiles are woven from optical fibers


The LED light source is used for the door panel fabric to form a cleverly woven pattern. On the ceiling, fine laser projection is created based on the same lighting effect. Different colors are lit, and the lines convey a personalized visual impression. Another possibility is to pass a single LED light beam through the door to form a molding line.

WeChat Image 20210624143858

Successful Interior Car Lights Case:

1, The electric concept car launched by Mercedes-Benz combines the interior atmosphere light with the door panel plug-in of the door panel. The geometric texture on the door panel is more sci-fi because of the light-transmitting effect.

WeChat Image 20210624142859


2, Audi rectangular elements are added to the center console interior panel, door trim panel, and central armrest storage compartment.

WeChat Image 20210624143428

3, Toyota’s application of interior atmosphere lights is even more abundant, both in color and in the area of use. The Toyota Concept-i concept car broke the vicious circle of blue, which is the sense of science and technology, using light green and light purple to give people a refreshing sense of technology.


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