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3 Great Ways to Make Mercedes Interior Lights Look Amazing

3 Great Ways to Make Mercedes Interior Lights Look Amazing

Are you thinking of getting Mercedes interior lights for your Mercedes? Well, that’s a good idea, but are you also confused if they will look good or not? If yes, then this article is your solution. After spending money on interior lights, everyone would want them to look good. There are ways you can make your interior lights look good. These ways are to get good, sleek, stylish interior lights as quality upgrades everything.

There are three of our researched interior lights, i.e., the cup lights, door sills, and door lights, to give your car a graceful, stylish, and good look. Read this article till the end to know more.

Illuminated Mercedes Benz Door Sills

BenZ Door Sills

The illuminated Mercedes Benz door sills by CAR LED have great features and offer a standard look giving the best light and colors.


Stunning look

The illuminated Mercedes Benz door sills give the best look as you open the door; it displays the name and logo of the vehicle with a bright light with a lavish style. Not only the great style, but as it gets darker, it becomes easy for one to get out of the car in bright light on the door sill, and these lights automatically shut the door as you get in or come out of the car. With 7 changing colors, you get the best door sills at a good price.

Door protection, Quality, And Easy Installation

The illuminated Mercedes Benz door sills protect your car’s door sills and scuffs and prevent scratches and other damage. Made of acrylic, these door sill lights are waterproof, have bright led, and can easily resist damage. Not only this, but they are extremely easy to install and use, making them handy for the user.

Mercedes door projector Lights:

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The next interior light to light up your Mercedes is the Mercedes door projector light which is the top rating in the wireless LED lights category.


Better Chip Decoding And HD Projection

The brand claims to be one of the best because of its software and wiring. They use the newest car decoding circuit chip known to be so compatible and do not conflict with the car software, making it more durable and reducing the noise produced by high currents. This logo has hd lights which are so bright that it does not feel like lights but an actual logo printed. Made with nano-superconducting aluminum, these lights can resist high heat and protect the car from heat damage.

Easy Installation

CarLEDLogo offers the best installation for your Mercedes door projector lights using no drill, wiring, assembling, or another hectic effort. Installation work takes less than 15 minutes; you just have to remove the original one and replace it with the new one. Isn’t it so easy? Another feature that would make you fall in love is the waterproof hardware. This water-resistant light would go well even in worse rainy weather without any damage or other issue.

Mercedes cup holder lights:

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Isn’t it cute to have a cup holder light in your car giving all fancy looks? If you want one, a brand named interesting car has one for you to make your car look more premium.


17 Modes And Upgrade Design

The cup holder lights by an interesting car come with 17 Modes. Can you believe it? 17 Modes in a single light with color combinations, breath change, and multicolor cup pads with different colors make it look more stunning and suitable for almost all models. The design of this cup holder light is upgraded with a USB port and cable with a button on the back, providing a smart glass pad for a premium look.

LED Atmosphere Lights And Long Working Life

This cup holder light creates a cool and unique ambiance giving a pub-like atmosphere in the car with a long working life. Excellent customer service by the brand makes you fall in love more. You just need to charge it for 2 hours to make it work for approximately 15 days. That’s a lot, actually, and pretty well for its working. You can operate the USB function from the android phone as well.


● Waterproof.

● Cool effect.

● Worth the price.


● We need to make sure that the website is legal or not.

● Some plugs would need an extension or adaptor outside the US.

Tips To Use:

You usually get a user manual along with the lights in the package. These manuals assist you in installing and using theMercedes interior lights.

Either of them is to be installed differently, so you need help from the manual and website.

Maintenance is the key to long life. All of them are waterproof, so you can even wash them. Keep them clean, don’t mess with them, and don’t try to experiment, and you’ll have a long life of your interior lights with an elegant look.


What should be my budget to buy interior lights in Mercedes Benz?

Well, prices vary according to the brand and company name. You can get interior lights for a price tag of $20, which can go upto $500 as well. You’ll have to pay more if you choose some premium interior lights. But as an average price, you must have a budget of $200 to get a decent package of interior lights for your Mercedes.


What comes in a Mercedes interior lighting package?

Go for the Mercedes interior lights package. You will get multiple interior lights, like a reading lamp in the front, left and right, touchpad illumination in the front, console downlight, vanity mirror lights in the front, left and right, and signal and ambient lamp. It is, however, better to go for a package rather than single lights.


These three interior lights are good ways to get a cool ambiance and elegant look for your Mercedes Benz. They would give you a stunning outlet at a considerable price tag. You can rely on either of them. With the trusted features, you can maintain a good look at your Mercedes Benz without any hectic effort. Easy to install and use, theseMercedes interior lights are a good pick for your Mercedes Benz. What do you think of it?

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