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Mercedes Light Up Emblem Install

How To Install Mercedes Light Up Emblem Light?

Do you want to improve your Mercedes Benz appearance? One way is to install this Light Up classic Emblem. By installing the light up Mercedes Benz emblem lights, Let the Mercedes-Benz emblem star illuminated. It use the high-tech LED technology to light up your front grill emblem lights.Showing off your illuminated Mercedes-Benz Star when driving at night will make you more exciting. Read here to know more about the installation.

Material Needed:

  • LED illuminated emblem
  • Rubber grommet
  • Electrical tape
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Drill with 3/4″ bit
  • Tape measure
  • Marker


How To Install Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star?

1, Pls check the type of grille and emblem you have ,there are 2 types of emblems.

mercedes benz three pointed star illuminated

Not Transparent Type: Remove the emblem by turning it counter clockwise.

Transparent Type:

  • To install this type emble, the front grille needs to be removed firstly. The grille is held by bumper tab. Gently push the grills from the lower end (grills will come out of the bumper tabs) and slide the grille up.
  • The emblem is locked in the grille by 2 tabs. 
  • Push the tabs inward and pull out the emblem.
  • Replace the emblem with the LED emblem and replace the grille.

2) Route the positive wire neatly from the grille to the main fuse box

3)Open the fuse box using the latches

download 1

download 2

4)Using a volt meter,identify the 12v headlight slot and connect to it in fuse box.

5)Route the wire neatly inside the fuse box and excit at an appropriate position.


6)Use cable ties to secure the cable neatly along the route in the enginge compartment.

7)Route the ground wire to a suitable ground point on the car’s body and attach it.

download 3 download 5

8)Neaten and secure the ground wire.

img 0977 469cce31aefcf9777c650ce2b336c4ff0a141400

9)Close the fuse box to check the light up star.




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