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Are Underglow Lights For Trucks Legal?

Are you worried that installing underglow lights on your truck might get you arrested? Well, then, worry not. We’ve got the answers right here for you. Neon under lights make our car look attractive, but before you head on over to the mechanic to get them installed, you need to find out whether they’re legal in your area in the first place.

No one wants to pay fines or have their licenses suspended, which is what might happen if you end up breaking the law. We understand you might be concerned about ending up on the wrong side of the law but don’t worry.

In this article, we’ll answer the question of whether underglow lights for trucks are legal or not. We’ll also discuss the consequences of breaking these kinds of laws. So, keep reading.

Is Using Underglow Lights Illegal?

Most states detail laws concerning the use of under glow lights for trucks under state traffic laws or motor vehicle codes. You can also find other laws detailed under Ground Effect Lightning, Lightning Reflectors, Vehicle Accessory Specifications, and others.

The purpose of these laws is to keep our roads and highways safe as we do the rest of traffic laws. As a rule of thumb, state laws generally restrict the use of accent lighting and other unlawful vehicle modifications.

On that note, under glow lights are legal as long as you keep them covered and unlit on public roads and don’t fash the colors.

Kind Of Underglow Lights Are Illegal?

Under Neon under glow lighting, a few kinds of lights are illegal. These are as follows:

1. Lights with the color red or blue since these are commonly used in police cars

2. Lights that flash or blink

What Are The Laws In Different States?

If you add under glow lights to our truck, make sure to look up the traffic state laws in your particular area. These laws can vary from state to state. California, Arizona, and Kansas are some of the states that allow the use of neon under glow truck lights, with particular restrictions.

If you live in Arizona, you can go for white lights on the side portions of the car. On the other hand, Kansas traffic laws permit the use of neon under glow lights.

However, you can’t use red lights or flashing ones, for that matter. You also can’t use lights where the tube is visible. Moreover, States like Michigan completely ban the use of new ground lights on a car. So make sure to always check your state-specific laws before you make a decision.

What Are The Penalties For Violations?

In case you do end up violating the laws, it’ll be considered a civil infraction, punishable with a non-moving traffic violation. These kinds of violations are heard by a magistrate or a district judge in the district court, preferably near the site of the infarction.

But before appearing in court, you’ll be given a “fix-it” ticket which means that before you are tried for the violation, you’ll have the chance to remove the violation and show the police that you’ve fixed the issue.

What To Do If You Break The Law?

If you break the law, you can respond in a number of ways.

1. Admit responsibility and pay the required fine

2. Admit responsibility, pay the fine required, and provide an explanation

3. Deny responsibility and ask for an informal court where you can explain the situation to a judge

4. Deny responsibility and ask for a formal hearing where a prosecutor will prove that you’re guilty.

Keep in mind that failing to respond to a ticket may get you further fined.

What To Avoid While Buying Underglow LEDs?

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If your state does allow the use of underglow lights for trucks, then you may go ahead and buy them. However, keep in mind to avoid this tiny mistake that might or might be not be the difference between a prison life for you.

First up, make sure you don’t buy flashing lights. Second, don’t use any of the restricted color lights. Make sure you don’t expose any of the light bulbs, either. And last, of all, make sure you keep the underglow lights from falling outside the vehicle dimension.

What Kind Of LEDs Can You Install?

RGBW Rock Lights

Rock LED lights are a safe option to go with if you’re looking to install under-glow LEDs on your vehicle. The kits promise easy installation and are waterproof. They’re definitely the best under-body lights for your truck because they come in different colors. Not only that, but they promise better illumination on the road and bring a more stylish touch to your vehicle.


1. Do I Need A Relay For An LED light?

No, an LED light does not need a relay. Even though it’s not recommended, you should use a relay when you’re unsure about fuses, switches, and wiring. Keep in mind that above 40 amps will always use a relay.

2. How Long Does It Take to Install UnderGlow Lights?

Installing an under-glow light would take about five hours, give or take. The lights mostly come in a user-friendly-easy-to-install manual. But the entire process of drilling holes, and connecting wires, takes up quite a while.

3. How Long Does It Take For An LED To Drain A Car Battery?

It will take about 250 and 2700 years for an LED to drain a car battery.Underglow lights for trucks take up a ridiculously small amount of power. In fact, the digital clock in your car takes up more power.


All in all, the laws concerning under glow lights for trucks can vary from state to state, so make sure you check the laws in your particular area. If LED lights are allowed, then make sure you follow the guidelines for installing them.

However, in case you don’t, be a responsible citizen and pay your fine and admit responsibility. We hope this article answers all your queries. Feel free to reach out to an attorney for future clarification. 


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