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Where Do You Put Jeep Rock Lights

Where Do You Put Rock Lights On A Jeep?

All the jeep enthusiasts love rock lights, whether they participate in sports rallies or not. Rock lights, as the name signifies, illuminate the path to identify rocks or debris. Especially at night,jeep rock lights come in handy. But many people often wonder where to put these lights.

Well, worry not. We’ll let you know where to put these lights. To get a better experience and make the most of them.

Best Location for Rock Lights

The primary purpose of these lights is to provide details of the road. So, the best location is the lower body of the vehicle. Where they reflect on the road. So here are the three most suitable sites for jeep rock lights.

Under tires

Wheels are one of the essentials of a vehicle. To get maximum protection of it. Place a rock light above it. The wheel well or hood is best suited for it. The light mounted here delivers maximum light on the trail below.

Mostly it’s one rock light per wheel, but you can place two too.

Under the Hood

The place that will light the path beneath well, is under the hood. Place one of two under the front bumper. And add two below the rare one. Such an arrangement will give entire front and back coverage of the trail.

If you are purchasing a set of 8 rock lights. You can put additional lights on sites that give more aesthetics, like above the window or over the body of the jeep.

RGB Rock Lights


The led lights have some significant features, as mentioned below.


The led are bright and of high intensity. The greater power works well for lightening the underneath of the jeep. Each led is 10-14 watts and io68 waterproof. As the jeeps are used on uneven paths. To maintain the strength of lights, aluminum is used for construction. That makes these lights better at performance and have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Amazing Lightning 

They come in various colors and have several lighting modes. The best feature is you can control everything about these through an app. You can adjust brightness and control flashing and strobing with the speed of the vehicle.

Simply go through the app and synchronize them with music. You can set the voice response and timing functions too. Explore the app and make your ride more colorful and fun.


The controller is small and easy to use. It does not occupy much space. Once installed, you can use it with ios7.0 or android 4.3 above systems. You simply need to download the app and connect the phone to Bluetooth.

Now start the app and control lightning and music with it. It has a timer, a mic for input voice, and many more features.

Easy Installation

The package comes with two types of rubber pads. One flat and second round. The former is used for plain surfaces and later for round or curved surfaces. Once you decide on the area, put in the desired rubber pad. Now mount the lights on it.

The eight-way splitter will be used to plug and play wires. Fix the controller box to a point where it does not get overheated. Finally, connect it to the battery through a switch.

Wide applications

The design is to fit in a voltage range of 9-32v DC. These rock lights provide a sharp and bright glow on the floor. They can be used in SUVs, Jeep, Truck, Utvs, Ranger, Rzr, Motorbike, Boat Motorcycle, And Buggy. The best combination to add safety and style to your vehicle.


Here are a few handy tips for using jeep rock lights.

● When installing, take your vehicle to a clean and spacious place. Make sure you have enough room to go under it to install rock lights.

● Cut the power of the jeep or truck before starting the installation process. Dealing with cables and battery is dangerous. It’s better to turn off the battery.

● While mounting the lights. You can drill the body, but in case you are worried about any damage. Simply use strong adhesive or glue and zip ties. It will not only ensure a firm grip on the light but also protect the body of the jeep.

● Depending upon the size of your vehicle body. You may need extra wiring to connect lights to the central hub. Make sure you have everything covered.

● It is better to have a how and know knowledge of wires and connections.

● To be on the safe side, avoid water. Mainly to protect the controller from getting wet.


Are these lights automatic or manual?

They can be controlled manually or automatically, depending on the user. The app has both options. You can set a timer to switch them on and off at a specific time.


Can I use these lights on a straight surface?

Yes, you can. These lights come with two pads. One is for a straight surface, and the other is for a curved surface.


Are they universal or specific designs for a vehicle?

They are universal and can work on any vehicle with a 12V battery. It would be best to add wires to connect led lights to the central hub. Also, click the control box on the battery.


What is the material of construction?

Rock lights are made of aluminum and rubber to ensure strength and durability.


Are these rock lights waterproof?

Yes, they are. Additionally they are shockproof, dustproof, and rustproof. However, avoid deep waters to protect the control unit.


The Jeep rock lights are designed to ensure safety for night rides. They also add style to your dull jeep or truck with various colors. Easy to install and use, the app manages these lights. To get maximum benefit, they can be installed over wheels or under the body of the vehicle. 

If you want to know more about LED lights for Jeep. pls refere to our article: Super Cool LED Lights for Jeep Wrangler

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