LED Cup Holder Lights

Our car LED cup holder lights look very cool. Seven freely switchable light colors greatly enhance your driving experience. The soft light can help you easily pick up the water glass, etc., thereby improving driving safety. You can also customize your own proprietary patterns according to your own ideas. The package includs the USB cable, So you can charge this LED cup holder lights easily. It has dustproof design, so you can clean it easily. IP67 waterproof design can let you far away from the water trouble.

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Showing 1–32 of 56 results


1,How Does The LED Cup Holder Lights Work?

   1.1, When open the package ,the first thing is to remove the protective film by your  fingernail. If you found your cup holder lights face has some scratches ,it is because you don’t remove your product protected film.

     1.2 Your led cup holder lights arrive may be with charge. But we suggest you to charge it 24hours before using. Use the USB charge port connect with your computer or phone charge device outlet. 

     1.3, When finish the charging ,remove the USB connector and press the button on the back of the product. The product should have flash once. it means the led cup hold lights now is in active model. If you do not want to use it now. Just press the button once again, and the lights will flash twice. It means the goods will be in deactive model.

     1.4,In active model status ,the product has 7 colors and 3 modes, 7 kinds of constant light mode, 7 kinds of flashing breathing mode, and 1 kind of color changing mode.

    1.5,This product has intelligent light sensor which will detect if there is sufficient darkness to warrant the coaster being on. During the day the led cup holder lights will not activate in order to save battery power. (unless  something else causes it to detect darkness).

    1.6,This product has motion sensor which can detect movement. It will automatically light on even in very dim environment when have strong vibration. If the vibration disappear ,the light will automatically turn off to save the battery power.

   1.7,Approx run time is 20 hours of light time on a full charge or approx 1 week of normal usage. Full charge time takes about 45 minutes depending on different charger. There is a small green lighting on indicates that  in charge status.

2,Can I Have My Own Logo Or Name On It ?

Yes, we offer the custom LED logo lights service , We can make your name ,or any words you want on the products. Pls contact our customer support to confirm the logo.

3, Does this product Fit my vehicle?

Our LED cup holder lights size: 6.8cmX6.8cm(2.6X2.6 inches). It can fit most of the vehicles. But if your car cup holder hold dimension is smaller ,it could not fit for it like Audi A1 2019.