Ghost Shadow Lights

LED ghost shadow lights(also called puddle lights) can be installed on the car door panel without any drilling and no need 3M tape. Just use one small tool to disable your OEM original lights and replace them.The more important thing is that your car most have original lights so that you can do the replacement directly.Or please buy the drilling type or magnet type lights. Each ghost shadow lights has its year and car model, please check the product page description carefully before purchasing. If you are not sure which ghost shadow lights shoud buy, you can contact us 

BMW Ghost Lights
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How Do I Connect My Ghost Shadow Light to My Car?

1,Open the package to check the lights you bought are ok.

2,Use the small flat head screwdriver to remove the original ghost shadow lights out of the door.

3,Release the buckle and pour out the socket

4,Connect the wireharness socket  to your new ghost shadow lights

5,Give the electric power to the lights and test the lighting with projector logo

6,Insert the new lights to your original door pannel hole

What Are The Lights Under Car Doors Called?

We called ghost shadow lights ,welcome lights, car door lights, car door projector lights or puddle lights. When you open the door ,the lights will automatic light on. When you close the door ,it will shut off. The origianl purpose is to avoide you go to the puddle at night. But nowadays ,people would like to insert the different logo film and will project many different kinds of the logo and picturs on the ground. It will make the car looks more cool at night.

Can I Have Ghost Shadow Lights with My Own Logo?

Yes, We can make the lights with your own logo ,name ,letters or picturs. Please contact our customer support team.