LED Rock Lights

Why LED rock lights are more and more popular nowadays?

It can not only provide your ride extra visibility but also give your more safety when driving at night. When you install the rock lights on your vehicle, It will change your ride appearance immediately. Our rock light kits are easy installation and waterproof. It will company with your where ever your go in adventures.

Why you need to install the LED rock lights in your vehicle?

You can see more clearly when install the LED headlights.But Rock lights can avoid rocks and other objects damage your vehicle. You can see more clearly specially at night for the potholes or spot water on the ground.That is actual the rock lights means. More important is that it looks more stylish and stand out among the vehicle.

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Showing all 11 results


1,What’s The Purpose Of LED Rock Lights?

Where headlights and dark lights are part of a vehicle, rock lights are not a part of the vehicle. They are essential for the safety of your car during dark hours. They provide sufficient light to guide the driver of the vehicle through hazardous conditions. It becomes challenging to see rocks and debris on the road when it gets dark, and even with headlights, we can skip one and damage your vehicle. Rock lights are used for this purpose. You can see rocks and debris on the roads through the rock lights to make your journey safe with your car. This warning can help prevent crashes and injuries. It is also important to note that when it comes to slick or icy road conditions, the earlier a warning is given, the better.

2,How Do You Hook Up LED Rock Lights To A Battery?

To hook up a rock light to a battery, simply insert the light into a drill bit sized hole, screw it down, and connect the light to the positive side of the battery. Once connected, there’s no need to connect anything else. You can also plug in the power cord to charge the battery while the rock light is attached. This way, you’ll never need to worry about losing the rock light, and you can easily swap out batteries.

3,How Many LED Rock Lights Do I Need?

This is an essential debate regarding rock lights, as for an average vehicle, you need two rock lights per wheel to give you a clear view with good light around dark hours.